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Each birth is a sacred and miraculous time, something I consider an honor to be invited to attend.  I understand it is a deeply personal choice, deciding who will be present at your birth. It is important that you find someone with whom you trust and feel completely comfortable. You will be considering not only skills and competency, but also philosophy and personality.

As a Doula, I want to be all I can be for each and every client.  I believe Birth and Motherhood are sacred, that all moms and babies are unique and valuable, and deserve the best birth experience and most empowering beginning possible. 

Birth is both a culmination and a beginning.  It is a time of transition, of life passing from one world to the next.  The birthing mother becomes a portal between worlds, not an obstacle to be conquered or cleared.  Birth is a living process, a transformation into being; not a problem that needs to be solved as quickly as possible.  I believe with all my being that mothers and their babies need to be treated with respect and care, physically, emotionally and perhaps especially spiritually.

I am committed to providing this care to all members of my community, regardless of race, family structure, religious or spiritual path, age, size, social or financial status.  

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Willow Birth Members are committed to supporting and empowering every family in their birth experience and first steps into parenthood.

We do not discriminate based on race, family structure, religious or spiritual path, age, size, social or financial status. 

We believe birth is a sacred rite of passage and transformation, and that ALL birthing women and their families deserve to be treated with respect and honor.