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Triskele Corporation - Our Parent Company


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Childbirth and Education

Birthing from Within



Beyond Birth Home Lactation Services

Nursing Mothers Counsel 

Free breasfeeding support. Resource for breast pump rental and sales. Free breastfeeding classes and information.


Postpartum Depression

Baby Blues Connections - Counseling and Consultation

Wendy Newhouse Davis Ph.D. (503) 246-0941

A non-profit volunteer association providing information, resources and support to postpartum mothers and families.

Motherroots - Consultation for Healing and Decision Making

Contact Gaby Donnell LCSW or Laurie Cox LCSW at (503) 287-2295

Fertility issues, fears, future pregnancy decision, grieving losses and disappointments, death/miscarriage, transition to parenthood, fears about giving birth, imagery for labor and delivery, creation of meaningful rituals, depression and anxiety



Birth Arts International

Dragonfly Doulas

She Births

Mothertree Birth Services



Global Child Maternal Health

La Bassine Waterbirth Pool

Alma Midwifery/Birth Center


Midwives and Birth Centers

Andaluz Waterbirth Center

Alma Midwifery/Birth Center


Family Planning

Fertility Friend

Baby/Pregnancy Ticker



Baby Carriers/Slings

Kangaroo Korner Slings

New Native Baby Carriers

The Baby Cuddler - made in Portland



Attachment Parenting

Home Schooling


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Local Childbirth and Parenting Education Classes

Baby Wearing Workshops

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