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Some moms and families need more support that others.  This is especially true for Single moms and young, Teen moms, but also in other *Nontraditional Families* such as surrogate moms, same sex couples, blended families and planned adoptions. 

Teen Moms

Single Moms and other *nontraditional* families


 Taking Care of Teen Moms

Becoming a new mom is the greatest joy.  It is also huge change and a lot of adjusting.  There is a lot to learn.  The younger you are, the more adjusting and learning you will be expected to do.

There are a lot of choices and decisions to be made during your pregnancy, your birth, in the early care of your baby, and in parenting over the years.  It certainly can be easier to turn a lot of these decisions over to the "professionals" or just do it the way your parents did.     But informing yourself of the choices available to you, and actively choosing the ones you believe are best for you and your baby can help you build the skills you'll need for parenting in the future.

A doula can help you answer the questions you have along the way, and to find the information you need to make those choices, and can also help and support you in finding ways to make those choices happen.   Our goal is happy, healthy, *empowered* moms and families with strong, happy, healthy, babies.

There is a tendency to treat teenage pregnancy as consequences for a "child's" bad behavior, and thus it follows that being supportive of a pregnant teen is just excusing bad behavior.  If we continue to treat teen moms as though they are children having children, they will have a more difficult time transitioning into the adult role of being the parent to their child.  Sometimes, a rite of passage ceremony can help just in terms of visualizing this transition and transformation.

I insist on treating teen moms as any other mom --  as intelligent, caring, powerful and capable people.

Being pregnant is a confusing, emotional and stressful time, whatever your age or experience.  Your Doula can help you navigate through a lot of the information and choices available to you and sort out what's important to you. 

You are carrying precious cargo and should be respected and cared for.  You are beginning the journey of motherhood, which can and should be joy-filled and amazing.   Starting out with a Supported and Empowered Birth experience starts you down that road with an inner core of personal self-confidence and trust.

For teen moms, I offer a sliding scale fee schedule.  I also offer extra support during pregnancy with nutrition, exercise, and childbirth education including different options for care providers and locations for birth, options for prenatal testing, how your baby is growing, how to tell if you're in labor, stages of labor, and different options for comfort measures during labor.  

I can help you make sure you have everything you'll need when baby arrives, and to explore your options regarding breastfeeding, baby-proofing the home, circumcision, vaccinations, attachment parenting practices, fun cloth diapering options, and more.

After the baby is born, I offer more in depth postpartum care to make sure new parents get off on the most confident foot with their new baby.  I can provide support for breastfeeding, help with diapering and bathing, general baby care, proper installation of car safety seats, and more. 

Taking Care of Single Moms

Sometimes single moms have plenty of support from their families and friends, even if they don't have a partner to share in the birth.